Superheros and Gamification

image from Six to Start

A few days ago, I read about a new gamified fitness app called Superhero Workout where you essentially workout, battle off aliens and save the world! After only completing the tutorial and one mission my thoughts are:

  • this is immersive
  • includes an epic soundtrack, sounds effects and visuals
  • has a narrative and builds
  • includes power-ups
  • it’s playful and fun yet gets you to workout

Check out this trailer to get a sense for the epic soundtrack and overall concept:

image from Six to Start

I’ve been interested in gamification for sometime seeing services like LinkedIn become more gamified and fun (they do a clever job of making it fun to connect and vouch for someone). It’s very cool to see gamification coming to more fitness apps (looking forward to more missions and a surge of diverse gamified fitness apps). So far Six to Start seems to be doing things right with Superhero Workout, The Walk and Zombies, Run!


Imagine the possibilities if Six to Start created an education app or if more educators used this recipe.

image from Six to Start


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