BEYOND the diploma


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Students spend a significant amount of time in schools. What can they expect to walk away with. This is a small break of some of the highlights.

What do students receive BEYOND the diploma?

Students will develop

  1. Academic Excellence, Sense of Self, Dedicated Service, Balance in Life and Respect for All. This five values are the core of the learning experience.
  2. Global citizenship to prepare them for life
  3. Life long learning habits
  4. Communication and Collaboration
  5. Self-Management (Organization, Affective and Reflective)
  6. Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Transfer
  7. Problem solving
  8. Empathy
  9. The design cycle
  10. The research process
  11. Research skills (information and media literacy)
  12. Digital Identities
  13. Technology skills
  14. Sense of Play and learning as a process
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One Response to BEYOND the diploma

  1. Justin says:

    Interesting that you frame these as “beyond” the diploma … I really think that schools need to think about what a diploma means to their system and sort of backward map from there.

    I like the 5 values that are core the learning experience. Everyone in the school organization should embrace the same once a set is agreed upon. That gives kids a much clearer sense of the kinds of values and life habits that are likely to need.

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