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Welcome to Interactive Storytelling: Programming through Digital Fiction


image by Jimmy Big Potatoes

Part 1 Intro, Goal and Research (9:00-10:00)

Goal and Purpose
Background & Research Digital Storytelling

Part 2 Programming Basics (10:00-10:30)

Programming basics through code.org
Tips & Tools
Getting into Scratch

Part 3 Playing, Planning and Work time (11:00-12:00)

Playing and Remixing
Planning Time (on a multimodal story)
Work time: Mashing Digital Storytelling and Programming together to make immersive stories with

Part 4 Feedback and Reflection (12:00-12:30)

What you are working on?
How will you use this in your school or classroom?


Part 1 Intro, Goal and Research (9:00-10:00)



-be respectful
-be mindful of expertise

Here is the Presentation to follow along:

Welcome via Today’s Meet

What is your name, school and position?

What do you already know about Digital Storytelling?

What do you already know about (Scratch) programming?

What are you excited about today?

Goal and Purpose

Overview of our session

Essential Question: How can we use programming and digital fiction as a differentiated medium:

a) to develop student literacy?

b) for students to learn and engage in meaningful literacy activities?

Background & Research Digital Storytelling

Interactive Multimodal Learning Environments

present research on multi

Multi-modalities we will focus on: image, text, sound and interaction

Engaging students through multimodal learning environments by Sankey

Multimodal Learning Through Media by Metiri Group

Defining Multi-Modal

Look at Multi-modal stories

Read Inanimate Alice Ep. 1 (all together)

Read again on your own (volume on is okay)

Write ways in which the different senses: sight, sound and touch were used in the story.

What impact do you think this has on the story?

Why can multi-modalities help to differentiate students literacy learning?

Benefits of using multi-modalities to differentiate for a variety of learners

Show SSIS Alice Projects

Part 2 Programming Basics (10:00-10:30)

Create a Scratch account. and download the offline Scratch editor

Creating an Interactive Holiday Card

Other programming tutorials to explore

Copyright and Sharing – What does the Fox Say

SSIS Alice Projects

Process of creating a digital story using programming

Brainstorm ideas

Write Story (may use writing process depending on the standards/outcomes of lesson/unit).

Plan how you will make this  – I recommend creating a Digital StorytellingPlanning ladder (see example)

Part 3 Playing, Planning and Work time (11:00-12:00)

Create a plan for integrating interactive storytelling into an existing unit or lesson

Start experimenting with Scratch and your story

Share interactive stories

Part 4 Feedback and Reflection (12:00-12:30)

Share what brainstorms and create for our lesson and unit

our Responses are here.

End of Workshop Reflection

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