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Welcome to Immersive Stories and Game Design


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Part 1 Intro, Goal and Multi-Modalities (10:00-11:30)

Part 2 Design and Games (11:30-12:30)

Part 3 Stories and Programming (1:30-2:30)

Part 4 Creating, Playing, Planning and Work time (2:30-4:15)
Playing and Remixing
Planning Time (on a multimodal story)
Work time: Mashing Digital Storytelling and Programming together to make immersive stories with 

Part 5 Sharing, Feedback and Reflection (4:15-5pm)
What did you work on?
How will you use this in your school or classroom?


Part 1 Intro, Goal and Multi-Modalities (10:00-11:30)


-be respectful
-be mindful of expertise

Here is the presentation to follow along (click here if you are using a mobile device):

Welcome via Today’s Meet

What is your name, school and position?

What do you already know about digital storytelling?

Goal and Purpose

Overview of our session

Essential Questions:

How can we create immersive digital stories?
How can we use game-like design and computational thinking to create immersive interactive stories?

Background & Research Digital Storytelling

Interactive Multimodal Learning Environments

Multi-modalities we will focus on: image, text, sound and interaction

Engaging students through multimodal learning environments by Sankey

Multimodal Learning Through Media by Metiri Group

Defining Multi-Modal

Look at Multi-modal stories

Read Inanimate Alice Ep. 1 (all together)

Read again on your own (volume on is okay)

Write ways in which the different senses: sight, sound and touch were used in the story.

What impact do you think this has on the story?

Why can multi-modalities help to differentiate students literacy learning?

Benefits of using multi-modalities to differentiate for a variety of learners

Show SSIS Alice Projects

Part 2 Design and Games (11:30-12:30)

What makes games fun?

Characteristics of good games.

Part 3 Stories and Programming (1:30-2:30)

Create a Scratch account. and download the offline Scratch editor

Creating an Interactive Holiday Card

Other programming tutorials to explore

Copyright and Sharing – What does the Fox Say

SSIS Alice Projects

Process of creating a digital story using programming

Brainstorm ideas

Write Story (may use writing process depending on the standards/outcomes of lesson/unit).

Plan how you will make this  – I recommend creating a Digital StorytellingPlanning ladder (see example)

Part 4 Creating, Playing, Planning and Work time (2:30-4:15)

Create a plan for integrating interactive storytelling into an existing unit or lesson

Start experimenting with Scratch and your story

Part 5 Sharing, Feedback and Reflection (4:15-5pm)

Share what brainstorms and create for our lesson and unit

our Responses are here.

End of session Reflection

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