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Welcome to Speak Up! Transforming Classroom Discussions


Part 1 9:15-10:25 (70 min)
Goal and Purpose
Background & Research

10:25-10:40 ~Break 15 min~

Part 2 10:40-11:25 (45 min)
Background & Research
Classroom Management

11:25-11:35 ~Break 10 min)~

Part 3 11:35-12:15 (40 min)
Tips & Tools
Planning Virtual Discussion Time

Part 1 Intro and Background


Establish Norms:

-Be respectful to others (air time)

Welcome via Today’s Meet: Day 1Day 2 and Day 2 45min

    What is your name, school and position?

    What is something exciting happening in your classroom or at school?

    What is something about yourself you’d like to share with everyone?

Goal and Purpose of today:

    Overview of our time

Essential Question: How can we use technology as a differentiated platform for students to share their ideas?

Background & Research from Speak Up! Slideshow (below)

Susan Cain Power of Introverts TEDx (20 min)

-How are introverts and extroverts stimulated?

-Should students be forced to work together? Why or Why not?

-Learning spaces


Read:To Socialize or Not? That Is The Question

Respond: What are you key take aways from this reading?

      How does this make you think differently?

Read: Balance of Screen Time

Respond: What does this tell you about behavior Behind the Screen?

              How does this change your perspective on socializing behind the screen?

Discussions in Classrooms by Robert Appino

Part 2 Research Cont. (60 min)

Introverts and Extroverts Have Different Brains

Research Cont.

Voices from the Introvert: A 1:1 Success

How does your class differentiate for introverted and extroverted learners?

RSA Susan Cain (7 min)

Classroom Management:

Establishing Norms and CFG Protocols use School Reform Initiative 


Norms must be established

Structured virtual discussion

  • Start with SPECIFIC

Demo (an unsuccessful discussion)

Starts with Good Questioning:

  • Ruby Research What do you think this picture is communicating to the audience?

iDisorder by Dr. Larry Rosen (6 min)

Google Doc

Part 3 –  Planning and Designing (60 min)

1. Planning Virtual Discussion Time and where to submit

2. Testing and Creating Virtual discussion possibilities to include in a lesson or uni
-What discussion tool will you use?
-I recommend TodaysMeet or Google Chat within a Google Doc or TitanPad. It doesn’t need to be any fancier than this.

3. Planning and Prep time (30 mins)

    -Look at an existing unit or lesson
-Think first all what are you goals,outcome,standard
-With that in mind where is a good place to include a virtual discussion?

-You class has many opportunities for virtual discussions.
-You don’t want to tie this to one lesson or unit but rather want to think about a variety of ways to provide opportunities to have students speak up.
-Brainstorm and go with the organic route

4. Share what we brainstormed and create for our lesson and unit

5. Strengthening your discussions using Norms and Protocols with students

6. End of Speak Up! Reflection

2 Responses to Learning2013

  1. Josh Curnett says:

    Robert–what a great presentation you’ve put together for us. Thank you. You are erudite, calm, and thoughtful. I like how you run a session; it’s not just a “sit-n-get,” but it is rather a place where you give us space to be interactive with each other and use the tools you are teaching us to use.

    I’ve used Today’sMeet for different purposes in the classroom, but they’ve felt randomly successful at best. Now, I’ll know how to be more purposeful and organized before asking the students to use the tool. Thanks for that.

    Keep up the great work. The students are lucky to have you with them–as are the teachers.

  2. Helen says:

    Your session was really great for me to reevaluate my students’ personalities, and to think of creative ways to bring their inner voice out by using a simple tool such as Todaysmeet. Thank you and I will definitely re-read/re-watch the articles/videos on this site. Thank you also for the tip on using Google doc!

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